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Simon Joins...

Sounds interesting, no?


F1 is another dimension in terms of media. For people who don’t know that much about racing, many think it’s the only thing. But in terms of racing, F1 isn’t what it used to be anymore. There’s not much grip from the tires and not much downforce in the corners. You can’t go flat out. The F1 paddock is very empty. Just the teams and a few VIPs. But for sure, if they want to please the fans more, it’s not the ideal way.

Andre Lotterer describes what we all know: Formula 1 is a VIP zone where fans don’t count apart from “LOL, OMG tweeps: here’s a pic of Jenson’s racing shoe” king of thing.

Where’s the feast we were promised?

Stealing from the thieves & not getting caught.

Project Brabham

Projecto Brabham’a.

Do nate.