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Will won 1!

#totonator 2 Nico.

#totonator 2 Nico.

“@AussieGrit: “@SPEED: Watch as #GP3 driver “flies” in Spa http://t.co/RlM6G4Ggzw pic.twitter.com/qcnR8ktt4X”😁” @UncleGP2 your cars can fly!!!
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Drivers On Fire @ the FIA F1 Presser Today

DK on Verstappen Jr: “I think we’re going to be team-mates.”

DK on how Verstappen Jr will do next year: “We will just wait and see.”

JB on suggestions for F1 being more physically challenging: “For sure, we are not like completely dead at the end of a race, we still have energy. So maybe it would be better for the people outside to see that when we get out of the car, we fall down.”

DK on suggestions for F1 being more physically challenging: “I’m pretty sure this Eau Rouge corner here is going to be quite interesting and challenging.”

DK on driver rituals before the race: “There’s no luck, I think.”

DR on driver rituals before the race: “It’s an excuse for something to go wrong! It’s nonsense.”

DK on his & Verstappen Jr’s developing skills: “I don’t think it’s going to be a big problem, we will develop OK.”

I’m not a not a huge admirer of the direction F1 is taking in the sense that the cars get slower every year so physically it’s easier for me in the car. They’re fast on the straights of course but slower through some corners and that makes a difference. I just feel Formula One is the pinnacle so it should be so draining that when you finish the race you should barely be able to get out of the car. And the cars should be the fastest they can be within the boundaries of safety.

Hamilton describes hybrids.